Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A student accused of funding terrorism in Syria walked free from court yesterday after she was cleared of trying to smuggle cash out of the UK in her knickers. University student Nawal Msaad, 27, was caught with £16,000 in euros stuffed in her underwear at Heathrow as she attempted to board a flight to Istanbul. Police believed she was due to hand the cash over to a jihadi. But after a month-long trial, a jury decided that Miss Msaad was tricked into being a mule by an old school friend. Miss Msaad was caught when the cash dropped down into her knickers as she walked through Heathrow. Read more >>
The cartoon by Mac from the Daily Mail shows a woman who is going to board a plane for Istanbul at Heathrow airport. She is trailing banknotes behind her. A security officer tells his younger, more junior colleague, "I want you to be very brave, Hodgetts, and ask if you can have a tiny peek into her knickers."
The joke is that, unlike the so-called jihottie in the news story, the woman in the cartoon is unattractive, and does not look as if she would take kindly to any request to search her underwear! 
1. A peek is a quick look at something. • Emma had a quick peek inside the box.2Knickers are a piece of underwear for a woman's lower body (see image). The American word is panties.
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